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So…let me rant….Generation Xers you are beginning to sound like Boomers! And the volume has gotten a lot louder this past week with the Jay Leno vs. Conan O’Brien fiasco.

You know…to borrow text from Steve Boese @HR Technology “Leno is just a few months shy of 60, placing him squarely in the Baby Boom generation…O’Brien is 46, and could be considered at the upper end of Gen X, and after waiting patiently for his chance (to be fair, one that was promised to him) at the ‘big job’ suddenly finds himself getting squeezed by a Boomer that won’t retire. Steve goes on to describe Jay Leno as a “long-tenured Boomer with the plum job that he can’t or won’t let go” though he does acknowledge that Jay “has a track record of success (Leno was regularly the ratings leader in his old time slot)” and Conan is described as “talented, yet frustrated Gen X dude waiting in the wings eager for his chance.” In another blog, the lament focused on the guarantee that NBC gave to Conan back in 2003 to keep him from jumping ship to ABC and how it wasn’t fair that Leno wouldn’t move over.

I am struck by similarities between the whining I often hear from Boomers (and I am a Boomer) about how “the man” reneged on guarantees of lifetime employment, inflation-adjusted wage increases, and retirement benefits, and Gen Xers complaining about fairness and Boomers not moving over. And my response to both groups is “there are NO guarantees” of anything, ever! (they are illusions that we bought into) so get over it and make a life.

And can we have the real conversation about talent…who is the best person for the role, who gets results, how do we attract and retain that best talent, and how do we plan for talent transition…irrespective of race, gender, age, ethnicity, and sexual orientation?


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